5 Steps Restaurateurs Must Take During COVID-19 with Crafton Bryant IV

As the former head of marketing for Metro Diner and Bloomin' Brands, restaurant consultant Crafton Bryant talks with Zack Oates about using down time created from the corona virus, merging operations and marketing, and more on this episode of Give An Ovation.

covid restaurant
Keeping Restaurants Safe During COVID-19 with Steven Mandernach

5 tips on sanitation and navigating the new normal with the executive director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).

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Advice For Restaurants In The New Normal: 5 Tips with Ann Rolke

Ann Rolke shares some of her expertise as a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 20 years in the restaurant industry.

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Reducing Risk In Restaurants Post-COVID-19 with Dr. Ben Chapman

Five expert tips and other insights from North Carolina State University Professor, Ben Chapman.

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Hospitality In The New Normal: How To with Kelli Laube

Kelli Laube, hospitality trainer at, gives 5 specific pointers on making guests feel welcome generally and during a pandemic.

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The Role Of Restaurant Tech In The New Normal with Kelly MacPherson

Kelly MacPherson, former CIO of Restaurant Brands International, Hard Rock Cafe, and other massive brands, gives 4 insights and other info about restaurants post-COVID-19 in this knowledge-packed episode of Give An Ovation.

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The Post-COVID 19 Restaurant: What To Expect with Cory Warfield

5 Insights from the CVO and LinkedInthusiast, Cory Warfield, about how restaurants and businesses can succeed going forward.

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Local Longevity: How Your Business Can Succeed with Dave Loveland

The founder of Keep Local Alive, a platform for business owners to tell their stories, shares 4 tips on how local businesses and restaurants can truly become a part of the community.

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Thinking Outside The Box: Pivoting Post-COVID-19 with Jeremy Staub

Four tips and other insights for restaurants from the Owner and Creative Director of Box 8 Creative Studio.

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How To Find Your New Normal Post-COVID-19 with Danny Klein

Five pointers for restaurateurs on adjusting successfully as they reopen their doors from the Director of Digital Content at Food News Media.