5 Mobile Tools to Help You Hire Faster

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With the unemployment rate at 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years, hiring great employees feels more like a challenge than ever.

Finding a delivery driver, server, bartender, cashier, or cook to join your team can take anywhere from just over a week to ten days, according to a survey by Glassdoor.

For hiring managers, it takes an average of 11 hours per employee to find, screen, interview, and onboard a new hire. Making the switch from paper applications to digital hiring tools can drastically cut your hiring time in half, to about 5 hours per hire.

Here, we outline mobile tools that will make your hiring faster and more efficient, so you can focus on growing your business, and not managing your turnover.


You have a gap in your schedule, and you need it filled fast. With text message job applications, interested candidates can apply straight away from their phone. No paper applications, piles of résumés, or candidates who take a job application and say they’ll bring it back – with solutions like Text-To-Apply, candidates can complete an application in your store in as few as 5 minutes.

Bonus: having text message job applications means Generation Z workers (ages 18-24) are more likely to apply.

Mobile applicant tracking system

It takes a lot of time to sort and screen candidates and identify top talent.

With an applicant tracking system, all your applicants go into one central dashboard. Every applicant is automatically ranked with a score from zero to 100 so at a quick glance, you can see who would be a good fit for your team.

Be the first to contact potential new hires by hiring on-the-go: view work experience, shift availability, and schedule interviews all from your phone.

Automated interview scheduling

Playing phone tag to schedule an interview is one of the most time-consuming tasks when hiring. Often, candidates won’t answer your call as it’s from an unknown number. Or, you call a candidate, and get their voicemail, and they call you back, and they get your voicemail.

With automated interview scheduling, you set your schedule and candidates are invited by text or email to choose an interview date and time that fits in with your availability. If candidates need to reschedule, they can use the same link and choose a new time slot.

Having an easy way to schedule and reschedule interviews also cuts down on a growing trend: interview ghosting. With HigherMe’s automated interview scheduling, interview no-show rates are reduced by 67%.

Automated email alerts

Using applicant tracking software can not only make it easier to screen candidates and schedule interviews, it can also make your hiring process more efficient, by sending automated reminders to candidates to complete an application or attend a scheduled interview.

With HigherMe, automated reminders help increase application completion rates to 77%.

Automated reminders also help speed up your hiring process. With HigherMe, you get an email every time you get a new applicant, so you can review their profile and contact them straight away.

Branded company careers page

Craigslist and Indeed are the world’s top job boards, and are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your open jobs. However, they also come with a number of restrictions: how often you can repost, images you can use, what words your post can and can’t include, and the list goes on.

By having your own careers site, you take control of your job posts. With no coding required, solutions like HigherMe help power your business’ careers page that works on any device.

You don’t need to choose between posting on a job board or posting jobs on your own website: with an applicant tracking system, you can manage posts on every job board from one central dashboard to get the most out of your hiring budget. No matter where a candidate finds your job, they’ll be directed back to your business’ website to apply, and you can then review everything in your applicant tracking system.

To learn more about HigherMe’s tools and technology that reduce time and cost of hiring, visit their website.

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