How Restaurants can succeed during COVID-19 with Bruce Irving

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Ovation CEO Zack Oates is working hard to pick the brains of as many restaurant gurus as he can for direction in navigating the current pandemic of COVID-19. In a recent podcast he interviewed Bruce Irving, the visionary behind to talk about how restaurants can outlast the pandemic. Below are Bruce’s 4 most notable tips: 

1. Communicate However You Can

“A good ravioli isn’t enough to keep business going if no one knows your ravioli’s good.” It can be anything social media, texts, or even calling your customers one by one. Bruce explained that people are fearful of the unknown, and clear messages from restaurants can only help. 

2. Be Willing To Adapt

If you need to completely change your menu to better fit take-out options, do it. The truth is no one knows when life will go back to the way it was, so it’s worth investing in temporary changes to your business.

3. Make Take-Out Simple

People order for three things: convenience, ease of use, and price. If it’s convenient and easy to use, price isn’t as much of a big deal. But if it’s not easy, they’ll just go somewhere else. 

4. Save Up For The Next Crisis

It can be easy to see business as simply revenue minus expenses, and keep the profit. But owners need to take some of that profit and put it away each month so that they can survive the next pandemic, whatever it is.. ideally you would have enough saved away t survive for 3 months on completely no income. And once you do build up that reserve, “it’s going to be so much less stressful.” 

Thanks for reading! You can check out the whole podcast, as well as other interviews with restaurant/business gurus by checking out “Give an Ovation” on Youtube,, or your favorite place for podcasting. 

And visit to learn more from Bruce!

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